As part of our mission to spread the love of ballroom dancing to the University of Minnesota campus and the greater community, we have many events to raise awareness. Since we are a University of Minnesota Sport Club, we depend on fundraising to keep our dues low and to put on awesome events for our members. If you are interested in helping out at our events or have fundraising opportunities for us, please e-mail bdc@umn.edu

Upcoming Events

With the beginning of the semester just around the corner, we're excited to get back to dancing with you! Before lessons start, however, we have some events that we'd appreciate your help with. Some have specific times, and others are ongoing, but you are not required to be there for the entire duration of the event. If you can make it for even just an hour we would love your help! These events are meant to demonstrate that great music and fun people are what BDC is all about!
If you'd like to volunteer for any of these activities or events, please email our main summer contact, Seth Westlake, at westl188@umn.edu. We would love your help with any of these events!
RecWell Fair- Wednesday August 31st, Rec Center
We are looking for a few people to help with contact tables, hand out flyers and be around to help at lessons/demonstrations that we will be doing throughout the night.
RecWell Fair
Explore U- Saturday September 5th, 1:30-4:30pm, Mariucci Arena
We are looking for people interested in helping at a contact table and handing out flyers to the freshman class. All 5,500 of them walk around looking at all the student groups, so we would love upbeat and happy people to talk to freshmen and tell them why they should come to ballroom.
Explore U
Chalking- First week of classes and the week before, around the U
We'd like to have several small teams of people to chalk for club and to advertise for our events (especially for Fall into Dance!). We have all the chalk you'll need, and stencils of the BDC logo! 
Fall into Dance- Sunday September 11th, Coffman Great Hall
This is easily our biggest marketing event of the year, so we'd really appreciate it if we can get some volunteers to help make sure it runs smoothly! Even if you don't have time to volunteer, we'd still love it if people would try to attend this event, as it helps to show potential members how much fun we have at club.
Fall Into DanceFall Into Dance 2
Again, if you're willing to help us out we'd really appreciate it! BDC runs off of volunteer talent and time, so we're always looking for new recruits! If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!